Membership of Academy Committee (AC)

All governors attend Academy Committee meetings.

Remit: To ensure the best possible education outcomes are achieved by all students in the academy and to ensure full financial regulatory compliance and the most efficient use of all income and resources across the academy.

RoleGovernor in post
Chair of Academy CommitteeSusan Beasley
Vice Chair of Academy CommitteeRichard Lyne
Executive Principal Lucy Spacey
Principal Margaret Newcombe
Member nameType of Academy Committee governorAppointedEnd of termSpecific /Additional Role[s] /PT Membership
Susan BeasleyParent 01/12/202026/03/2023Chair of Academy Committee Appointed 01/09/2021 – 31/08/2022 Link Governor : SEND/Quality of Education (Curriculum)
Richard LyneAppointed01/12/202004/10/2024Link Governor: Site, Data Protection, Educational Visits
Henry ReaderAppointed04/10/202103/10/2025Link Governor: Pupil Premium/SEND funding/Quality of Education (Maths)
Michelle BarksbyAppointed Parent29/11/202128/11/2025Link Governor: Safeguarding/RHSE/Complaints and Whistleblowing
Rebekah GearAppointed21/03/202220/03/2026Link Governor: TBC

Declarations of interest: pecuniary/business

NameName/nature of pecuniary/business interest declaredType of business
Susan BeasleyExternal business interest declared - Links with NCC/Melton Education Trust/Owner Wilson’s WheeliesEducation
Richard LyneExternal business interest declared Family member links with academyFamily/Education
Henry ReaderNo external business interest declared
Michelle BarksbyNo external business interest declared
Rebekah GearNo external business interest declared

Senior leaders/staff who contribute

NameName/ nature of pecuniary/ business interest declaredType of business
Lucy SpaceyNo external business interest declared/member of staff
Margaret NewcombeNo external business interest declared/member of staff
Emma PaineExternal business interest declaredFamily links with governance/NCEA

Members who resigned/ end of term during previous 12 months

Full nameDate of appointmentDate of resignation
Rick Gascoyne01/12/202011/06/2022
Colin Barnard01/12/202004/10/2021
Andy Pullin01/12/202031/08/2021
Tom Naylor01/12/202125/08/2021
Kath Holloway01/12/202022/03/2021
Chris Gibbon01/12/202004/01/2021
Andy Fox01/12/202005/01/2021
NameMeetingAttendance RecordAttendance Record
Academic Year 2021/2022Academic Year 2021/2022
No. of Meetings in YearNo.attended in Year
Susan BeasleyAcademy Committee66
Rick GascoyneAcademy Committee66
Richard LyneAcademy Committee65
Rebekah GearAcademy Committee61
Henry ReaderAcademy Committee64
Michelle BarksbyAcademy Committee64