Our academy starts at 8.50am, with a morning and afternoon break, as well as time for lunch. The day ends at 3.20pm when families can collect their children from the academy

8.50am – Learning begins

Doors open from 8.40am and close at 8.50am, when our academy day begins.

10.40am – Morning break time

Children have a morning break to allow them some fresh air, spend time with friends and develop through these interactions. All playtimes are supervised by staff.

12pm – Lunchtime

Children can either bring a healthy packed lunch or choose from our academy meals – these are prepared on site and paid for in advance. We use a cashless system for payment of meals called ‘sQuid’ – details of this will be provided if your son/daughter is successful in applying for a place at the academy.

A wide range of playground games are played during lunchtimes, and our staff oversee these activities to ensure all children are safe and happy.

2.05pm – Afternoon break time

Children have an afternoon break in the afternoon, to allow them another opportunity to get fresh air and spend time with friends.

3.20pm – Academy day ends

Staff see out children out at the end of the day.

Children attend school for a total of 32 hours and 30 minutes per week.