At Hillocks, we value the importance of working together with all of our families.

We have expectations around the completion of homework and we ask that families try their best to support their children with this. 

The purpose of homework at Hillocks is to:

  • provide opportunities for families to work together to enjoy learning experiences
  • develop an effective partnership between the academy and families – we believe children achieve more when teachers and families work together
  • enable children to practice and consolidate skills
  • develop confidence, independence and self-discipline needed for personal study in preparation for secondary school and beyond


We will do our utmost to ensure that:

  • homework is provided consistently and is well matched to the child’s ability
  • feedback is provided where appropriate
  • tasks are interesting and promote engagement and enjoyment of learning
  • we monitor time taken to complete homework and address parental concerns relating to homework
  • tasks set are clear, unambiguous and require minimum resources
  • training for families to help support their child’s learning will be provided where appropriate
  • consistency of practice throughout the academy is monitored by the leadership team
  • we support pupils in the completion of their homework where circumstances make this difficult


We hope that families will:

  • support the the academy
  • work as partners in the education of their children
  • provide feedback about homework tasks where necessary