At Hillocks, we recognise the importance of our curriculum in creating ambitious, capable, lifelong learners. We have high aspirations for our children, and seek to help shape healthy, confident individuals who are not only prepared for further education, but for roles as valued members of society.

Our curriculum is designed not merely to push children through a pre-determined set of skills, but to encourage curiosity, enquiry and to support our children to realise their full potential.

Broad, balanced, conceptual and connected

What we teach is carefully considered, and endeavours to keep our school values and community in mind. It is coherently sequenced, with a clear understanding of what children ought to know, understand and be able to do.

Our subjects are taught discretely, but through a project approach with clear, thought-out opportunities for interleaving. By grouping content thematically, with an interweaving of knowledge and skills, children are exposed to a breadth of content which will give them the context to apply new knowledge and demonstrate new skills.

We create a language-rich environment, with texts selected to broaden knowledge, enrich and engage children with new ideas and concepts.

Underpinning our curriculum is the understanding that our children must develop the tools to express and articulate their own experiences and understanding. We consistently build in opportunities which enrich our students’ experiences – trips, visitors, talks; exposure to current affairs, artists, foods, dialects – which will enable our children to acquire cultural capital.

We ensure a balance of genders, cultures and ethnicities in what we show the children.

Kindness. Honesty. Determination. Courage.

Through our curriculum, we provide our children with the socialisation, exposure to language and cultural events and practices which will enable them to place themselves in the world, whilst showing kindness and understanding to others.

Through use of Community of Enquiry, we promote honest discussion, listening and the valuing of others’ opinions and ideas (even those they may disagree with). We create a space where children can articulate their ideas and share their understanding and learning.

We strongly value having the courage to fail, the resilience to try again and the determination to succeed in all we do.

‘The more you know, the more you can know.’

Through Quality First Teaching, staff in school model curiosity and determination to succeed. Teachers demonstrate a desire to think more deeply about the subjects being taught and convey a passion for learning. Our adults are ambassadors for learning.

Where possible, learning is experiential – we aim to give children the first-hand experiences to support them with not only understanding how new learning fits into what they already know, but to discover their own strengths, passions and interests in all areas of our curriculum.

Not merely acquiring, reciting and reproducing textbook knowledge

Our aim is to build extensive knowledge of the world. As teachers, we defer to relevant expertise – we know it is important that children see authentic information from authentic sources, and these are structured carefully into what we teach.

At Hillocks, we provide equal access for all learners, and ensure that our diversity is recognised, celebrated and nurtured. Our children value all areas of the curriculum, and produce work of a high standard of which they are proud.

Our curriculum by year group and subject

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Our curriculum is fully inclusive for all children – we strive to ensure that all of our children’s needs are met.

More information can be found in our dedicated ‘SEND‘ page.

You can also view our SEND and single equality policy on our policies page.

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