Becoming Climate Heroes…

Each class in the academy has been working towards their Blue Peter Green Badge to become Climate Heroes –  many of our classes have now been presented with a certificate for their efforts!

Children from across the academy have created three pledges – Plastic, Power and Plants, all in a bid to all follow a more sustainable lifestyle.

At Hillocks, our three pledges are:

1 – PLASTIC – Reduce plastic waste

2 – POWER – Keep lights switched off where possible

3 – PLANTS – Nurture the plants in the greenhouse.

Thank you to Mr Letch for getting the whole academy involved, and well done to all our children for joining in and supporting our mission to make our planet a greener, healthier and happier place to live.

Have a go at making your own Climate Hero!

Pick your hero…select their costume, add an eco logo and choose their climate super power! Or, have a go at the many other Blue Peter Climate Hero challenges on the BBC website.