Appointed Governor

Reason I became a governor.

I recently became a governor through a desire to ‘give something back’. Despite a modest upbringing, I have been able to achieve many things in life that I would never have thought possible – the vast majority of which would not have been possible without the education I received and the guidance, direction, and encouragement I was afforded along the way by the many teachers I was fortunate to learn from. I shall be forever grateful for that! Becoming a governor has provided me with a means by which I can hopefully do my bit towards ensuring that the next generation of students are provided the best foundations possible to enable them to go on and achieve their dreams (and beyond!).

How did you find out about the role?
As a Chartered Engineer the opportunity of becoming a governor was advertised by the professional body that I am a member of, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. This was with the aim of increasing the number of people with careers in STEM subjects to become a part of governing bodies to help encourage and inspire the Engineers of tomorrow! Prior to this, I had no real knowledge or understanding of what a governor did or how they could contribute. Now possessing that information, I am a keen advocate for the role and actively aim to inspire others to follow suit.

What do you like about the role?

Being newly appointed to the role, and having never worked in education, I had a lot to get to grips with! The help, support and guidance provided to me has been incredible and I am delighted at how the existing board members have welcomed me into the team. By being jointly responsible for overseeing all aspects of the academy performance, from Accounts through to Quality of Education, the thing I like most about the role is the feeling that I am contributing to the continued development of the academy and therefore its student population as well.